Unlike SEO and SEM, IPA uses Video marketing as a way of reference. At IPA, we have a team of data crunchers who have up to date data on websites that are visited by large numbers of people. If a website is visited by millions of people per day, it means that such a website can serve as a useful tool for marketing another website. It simply means that such a website has gotten to a level where it can be declared an influencer, that is, it has the ability to influence the marketing dynamics. Equipped with this highly useful information, IPA Technologies seeks a working relationship with the potential influencers and pays such companies small amounts of money to make sure the websites of our clients are accommodated on the influencers’ websites. Websites of popular electronics such as Sony, Samsung, Apple, and websites for widely used social networking platforms are examples of video marketers.

Basic $120/Month Compare Plans
Bronze $225/Month Compare Plans
Silver $325/Month Compare Plans
Gold $450/Month Compare Plans

Video marketing also takes another dimension when it comes to personalities. In this case, IPA Technologies is always alert is always analyzing the digital influence of different political, athletics, media, and entertainment personalities. The number of followers on social media is a major indication of the marketing potential of the concerned personality. With millions of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, these personalities are huge influencers, such that if they recommend a product or service, or share a link on their accounts, millions of people end up clicking on the link with a reasonable number ending up purchasing the products sold by the owners of the links. IPA Technologies has documented all these personalities such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, and Beyonce, and is always seeking opportunities for customers to benefit from video marketing through these people. IPA Technologies also uses popular games that are played both on personal computers as well as phones to market some products or services. Since some of these digital games are highly popular, advertising on their platforms guarantees the advertiser a huge number of views. These ads that are designed by IPA are small enough that they are not irritating yet conspicuous enough to be seen by those playing the games. Usually, the player is taken to the website of the client as soon as they click on the shared clickable message that is usually two or three words. IPA Technologies is always sharing this type of marketing with clients due to its high degree of effectiveness in getting our clients the type of traffic and profits that they need.