IPA Technologies has a large collection of emails that are active. In a world that has become increasingly busy with minimum time for engaging in some activities, people are saved a lot of time if they are sent links to their emails which they can click and read and learn about some products and services. IPA Technologies understands the risks associated with such emails but all measures have been taken to make sure that there are no viruses in such emails. In our email-direct marketing effort, we send customers’ content to the emails. IPA Technologies is able to monitor the landing websites to measure the impact of such direct emails. IPA Technologies knows that there are other companies out there offering email-direct marketing, and for this reason, we have moved our email-direct marketing a notch above the rest. At IPA Technologies, we have gone ahead to do due research on all the emails and split them into age groups. This has enabled us to liaise with our clients to make sure that access to certain specific market segments is achieved. For example if our client seeks to reach out to people in the 18-25 years bracket, we will quickly pull out emails belonging to the people within this age bracket, meaning that our digital marketing effort through email-direct is able to achieve segment targeting with a high degree of accuracy.
We continually carry out in-house follow-ups with our emails to make sure emails that have been dormant for more than three months are eliminated from our database.