1.    What is IPA Technologies?
IPA Technologies is a technology company that offers a wide range of services that include social media marketing, website design and development, mobile applications design and development, web content development, and software development. IPA Technologies also offers consultancy services in the digital domain. Additionally, IPA Technologies maintains websites for clients and offers salesforce solutions for different types of clients.

2.    How soon can I get my content or website delivered to me after payment?
After payment, IPA Technologies take a very short time to process the customers’ order. Five to seven working days are usually the standard duration for a website. The features of the website can lengthen or shorten the duration. Web content can take long or short durations depending on the volume.

3.    How does IPA Technologies ensure that my order is of high quality?
IPA Technologies has measures in place to make sure that orders are processed in a manner that meets the highest quality standards. One strategy is hiring highly qualified individuals to handle orders from customers. The second strategy that IPA Technologies has put in place is making sure that all orders are checked after processing to make sure that they meet high quality standards.

4.    Is there a way to complain if I am not satisfied with my order?
The avenues for complaining in the event that one is not satisfied with an order are many. One way is to write an email to the quality control department. The response from this team is quick. The second channel is to call our customer care team directly and raise a query. Such queries are processed quickly in line with our policy of making sure that our clients are offered nothing but the very best services and high quality products.

5.    Does IPA Technologies offer discounts to return customers?
Yes, IPA Technologies offers large discounts to all its customers. Customers who procure more than one service or product get a discount. Also, customers who are coming back for a second time get discounts. There are special discounts for small businesses as well as startups.

6.    Can I partner with IPA Technologies?
Yes. There are numerous opportunities for partnership with IPA Technologies. The areas where we usually partner with others whether they are individuals or small businesses include content development, web design, software development, and mobile application development. We also partner with education institutions and finance corporations. However, it is possible to partner with others outside the above listed areas. Kindly call our team to find out more partnership opportunities. IPA Technologies values partnerships since they lead to creation of more opportunities and the strengthening of business relationships.