Top 5 Secrets of Successful Mobile Application

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According to, mobile phone user penetration has been projected to hit more than 67% of the total world population by the year 2019. You need to factor in that in some countries the penetration could go as high as 90%. Quite impressive you would say right? Of this, approximately 2.7 billion people (about 35% of the world population) have smart phones.

This statistics speak volume of the potential mobile phones hold in informing and changing the way we communicate to customers, advertise and sell and buy goods and services.

Such increase in mobile phone uptake has seen increase in the number of mobile App development companies that are competing for that enviable market of smart phone users. Mobile App development companies develop applications that are useful in enabling delivery of services, marketing and advertising messages directly to the customer. Leading in this pack is Android App development services that are offered to android phone users – one of the most used smart phone operating system (OS).

So how does a mobile App development cut its niche in this market?

As a leading android App development services provider, we would like to share our secret recipe of success:-

  • Compatibility and uniqueness

Any mobile App development company that wants to establish an App that can earn millions of user downloads and be highly ranked and liked must develop a unique App that has different style, outlook, functionality and class of its own apart from being compatible with various mobile phone operating systems (OS) – android, IOS, Windows etc.

Additionally, the minimum phone specifications requirements must also be set at the very minimum to attract more users. The App, if possible must be able to run on the low end phones and provide same user experience as those using more advanced smart phones. If this isn’t possible, then versions of the App can exist that can provide just the core services to users of low end smart phones.

  • Optimization and maintenance

User experience must be number one priority in any mobile App development endeavor. For example, you must know that there are other Android App development services that users of Android phones can use. So your App must be attractive, fast loading, easy to use and with clear and precise instructions. Graphics used must be light and frequent need for updating the App must be avoided unless very necessary.

  • Features & customizing

Top mobile App development companies advocate for Apps that have fewer but key relevant features, that can be managed using simple actions like sliding and use of one finger, do not have long usage guidelines and instructions among other features. Simple is the magic that delivers the experience and intrigue of using an App.

Apps with attractive features and options to change font, color, quick access menu and editable preferences, get more downloads and higher rating than their counterparts. Let your customers own the App by making appropriate changes to its outlook without of course affecting its functioning and recognisability.

  • Marketing and call to action option

Your App should be clear and easily accessible from various platforms like websites and app stores. The App should also occupy as minimal space as possible as a download and as an installed App.

Marketing your App and being able to have links to the App in various platforms as social media, on other apps and on other websites can be a really important way to sell your App and have people know of its unique features and usability.

Apart from being simple and easy to use, your app should be able to have a clear and easy to see and access call to action link. Without this then your App may hardly be of any use to you and to your customers. The option must be distinct with some different font (bold), different color or something unique like a radio button and be placed at strategic positions in the App to enable people take appropriate action.