Smart insights about SEO strategies and techniques you need to focus on in 2017


It’s not amusing that every individual business from big conglomerates to small retail shops are scrambling for a position online. For one to have an authoritative online presence, there are key strategies that must be employed.

Digital marketing companies in India use various means to ensure strong and reliable online presence through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a process that gives a website high visibility by ensuring it ranks high in search engine results. Digital marketing companies in India offer these SEO services that ensure site favorable site ranking which increase visits to a site. These services are offered at a monthly or annual fee which is dependent on the requirement of the business.

Key SEO strategies and techniques of 2017

Mobile telephony- SEO companies in India stress the need to focus in mobile technology. Since most of online transactions and businesses are undertaken on smart phones, digital marketing companies ought to develop mobile phone friendly sites. SEO services provided by SEO companies must then be mobile user friendly.

Keywords- this is a very important ingredient in SEO strategy. Most people search for businesses or products by use of key words. The keyword so decided can be tried before applying by searching for the same in search engines. Digital marketing companies recommend Keyword/s that can enable the site to pop up quickly and rank favorably.

Videos and images- online searches return not only the sites but also images. Hence if you include quality and catchy pictures in a site, it’s more likely that it will get more visits and views which will rank it favorably.

Sites with video also attract visits as videos are entertaining and exemplify the actual experience or product.

Social media- a strong social media presence is part SEO services by SEO companies which is vital. It involves connecting, interacting and engaging customers by showing genuine interest in them. It’s important to participate in activities and comments of other people and try to know them as it’s usually reciprocal and can lead to increased interest and visits to the site.

Content- Digital marketing companies advocate for relevant and professional content which must be interesting, updated and well researched. Content will rank a website favorably if it contains certain target keywords as well as provide enlightenment to viewers and enable them to generate more views through references and repeat visits.