Nine Important SEO Ranking Tips for 2017

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There is nothing that satisfies a blogger than having their SEO ranking improved. This 2017, many bloggers on the web 2.0 have for sure strategized to have their website rank high in search engines. The sole benefit associated with a high ranking of a website is the fact that it increases the traffic of people to the site. Huge traffic means that more sales are likely to be realized. In this blog post, I am providing you’re with Tips on how to ensure that your SEO ranking is improved.

Small images:-This is something that no one would expect to be a point of focus when it comes to SEO for a website, but yes it something that we expect to impact on search engine optimization. These images load faster, and they can function well on a mobile phone which is becoming the most used tool for accessing the internet. Big images load slowly on mobile phones, and people are not likely to be patient with this effect on the speed of the internet.

Mobile compatibility:-Most of the search engines companies are already considering using mobile compatibility of a website as a ranking factor. This is likely to be influenced by the fact that most of the people access websites using their phones. Having a mobile phone optimized website means that many people are able to access your website since many people use their phones today to surf through the internet.

High quality content:-Content and the quality of content in a website is very essential when it comes to websites. It is important to have content that is of high quality containing relevant information as expected by the targeted audience. It is important for people to use good language and have a good choice of words that relate to the topic being discussed on a specific website.

Website speed:-Just as the content, and images of a website the speed of a website have a real impact on the Search ranking of a website. Having a low loading time means that the website loads faster and this has the advantage of people visiting the website. Good speed for a page should be less than three seconds as with a speed which is higher than three seconds the chances of being abandoned by the targeted audience is high.

Multimedia content optimization:-People like beauty and one way of doing this are by having rich multimedia content on the website. Such content makes a website more attractive to the targeted audience. The audience are likely to stay on the website for a little longer time, and this as well improves on conversion

Social Media use:-The use of social media on a website is essential; this is the fact that in cooperation of social media on a website makes it possible for the audience to interact with the website administrator on the other end. Social media incorporation should include the use of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

Unique content:-Having unique content on your website is a plus, this is based on the fact that people will take their time and read them over and over again because they cannot get them elsewhere. It is noted that most of the people reproduce other people’s content which greatly hurts the ranking of their website because search engines are able of detecting duplicated content.

Outgoing links:-Having outgoing links on your website has a positive impact on your rating. However, you need to ensure that the outgoing links are links that are authoritative. Outgoing links allows the targeted audience to have a chance to get more information on the topic of discussion thus adding on their understanding.

Consistent in posting:-One thing that bloggers and website administrator should be keen on is their consistent of posting. The consistency of posting has an influence on the targeted audience as well as on the search engines ranking. Regular update of websites makes it be at the top level in search engine rankings and makes people to continuously visiting the website expecting new good contents.