Five reasons website needs to be mobile optimized


Everyone nowadays uses their phones to access the internet, and this makes it essential for a website to be mobile optimized. When a website is mobile optimized it means that traffic to the website will increase and the frequency of an individual visiting the website will increase as well. Optimizing a website for a mobile device is thus a necessity because most internet users access the internet through their mobile devices. We have compiled five reasons why administrators should consider having their website mobile optimized

Anytime anywhere traffic

Optimizing your website for handheld devices ensures that the website is accessed by end users anytime and anywhere quickly. Most people prefer surfing the internet on their phone because this is possible when traveling or watching television and interacting with friends. Many people like sharing something that they have read through social media such as WhatsApp and Twitter. Most of the social media users prefer accessing their social media using their mobile phones hence they will have to open a link sent to them using their smartphone, and for this to open fast, it requires a website to be mobile optimized since such users get impatient with websites that take long time to open or load.

It makes the customers happy

Anyone would be happy to be able to access their favorite website using their phones. There is sometimes when people do not feel like getting behind their keyboard to access their websites, but they can easily use their keypads on their smartphones to go through websites. This makes it possible to visit a website easy thus making customers happy.

Google recommends mobile friendly websites

Being one of the leading search engines in the world, anyone would like to follow their recommendation. It is possible that the algorithm for web ranking has been adjusted based on mobile accessibility to websites, based on this factor the websites that are mobile optimized are likely to rank better.

Increased engagement with the visitors

People visiting a website through their smartphones can interact with the content in the website more compared to people accessing the content through desktop computers or laptop. Additionally, these visitors can communicate to the administrators seeking more information about a product or services on the website.

Increased Conversions

Using websites that are mobile optimized increases the tendency of converting visitors into buyers. When visitors can call, and get more information on a product increases their probability of making a purchase of a product or services. Additionally, these visitors are likely to share the website information with friends thus getting more clients via referral system.



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