Critical Elements of How to Analyze the Behavior of Your Site Visitors

google analytics

Being able to know and analyze the behavior of your site’s visitors is a critical element in digital marketing. Let’s face it, even for the curiosity of it, wouldn’t you like to know your visitor? Now in business sense, wouldn’t you like to know who visited your site, how they got there, how long they stayed there, what they looking for, and most importantly, if they made any conversions? I bet you would love to know.

Website analytics is not widely known nor used by many businesses. I guess because most online business’s strategies are just awesome and cannot be improved further or due to sheer ignorance. Regardless of the reasons, thanks to Google analytics, you can now gather this information at absolutely no extra cost.

I will share with you important elements that can aid your analysis of your site visitors:-

First ensure that your website has the Google analytics tool installed. This you can register by yourself and a monitoring code will be sent to your web pages or you can have your web designer include it in the website. Just that and you can start monitoring visits, views, conversions, visit durations, repeat visits etc.

• Social Media Marketing strategies

Google analytics will automatically track social traffic to your site and show you how many visits were generated through Social Media Marketing. With such information you can be in a position to strategize on you social media marketing campaigns to attract more traffic. Traffic from Social media marketing is as important as organic traffic and you should strive to balance the two.

• SEO Services and techniques

Google analytics will enable you know how best you online campaigns are doing in regard to driving traffic to your site. If you link your sites webpages to the Adsense tool in Google analytics, you will be able to know which site generated more traffic and revenues. This will you help you to use better SEO services and even develop a winning strategy.

• Organic and referral traffic analysis

Once you have the data on the number of visitors to your site, you may want to know how they got there in the first place so that you can appropriately channel you marketing effort to those sources.

Some of the common sources of traffic are organic traffic which is generated through searches on search engines. They utilize such tools like SEO services, PPC strategies among others. On the other hand, social media referrals include traffic generated from social media marketing in platforms like Linkedin, facebook, and twitter.

Both organic and referral traffics are important and should be balanced for greater success. However, according to the nature of business and target markets, one can focus his energies and resources to what works best for the business.