5 Web Design Trends That Will Dominate in 2017

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Web development companies are ever burning the midnight oil in developing and designing high quality websites that deliver optimal results. As the competition for web designing heats up, there is always need for creativity and relevancy in the website design services being offered.

As a distinguished website design services India, we are always on the watch for emerging web design trends and changes in the market. We are apt in researching, testing and applying relevant emerging trends that we deem sustainable and that can satisfy our customers’ needs.

We envision the following to be the most common web design trends to watch in 2017:-

  • Use of photos and videos

The use of edited, superficial, and highly graphical and not so real looking pictures in web designs has not been enhancing user experiences. Such pictures have had negative impact on some websites as more visitors want to see real and natural pictures taken in real time.

Videos are also taking center stage in web design services. They are being used together with pictures to give sites a lively and attractive feel that pool visitors and keep them engaged.

The use of both real photos and videos is definitely poised to grow in 2017.

  • Mobile friendly websites

In recent years, internet users have been increasing going mobile. With almost a third of internet users on mobile devices, website development companies have to develop websites that are compatible with these devices.

As a website design services India, we recognize that this trend will continue growing in 2017 and we develop business websites that are not only compatible with mobile devices but deliver high quality interaction and navigation experience too.

  • One paged scrollable sites

Web development companies are always on their toes looking to improve user experiences. In 2017 websites with single page will be more likely preferred to multiple paged websites as scrolling is faster loading and convenient than clicking. Single paged sites also reduce the time sites take to load leading to enhanced user experience.

  • Weather apps

2017 will definitely see more customized and attractive weather applications being developed. It will also see improved accuracy in weather predictions. This will be fast tracked because more and more people are now using these predictions to avoid extreme weather conditions, plan their days and what to wear among other things.

  • Interstitial experience

This is the experience one goes through during the period a site takes to load a new page or a link.

Web development companies have been keen to reduce this loading time as it makes many users to abandon sites that take long to load. In 2017, more efforts are going to be directed into this area. Web developers have already got creative and are using light previews of the landing sites and other interesting transition materials to keep the visitor on the pages.

In 2017, more innovations like single paged websites which take less time to load are meant to come up in efforts to address this challenge.