5 Biggest Challenges that Web Development Company India Face

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Businesses face various challenges every now and then. These challenges could range from lack of sufficient funds to undertake a project, loss of customers’ trust, insufficient manpower, etc. But whatever the challenges may be, businesses have always faced various challenges and this will always be the trend. Business challenges are universal and Web design companies India are not an exceptional either. Web development companies deal with design and creation of websites and face numerous challenges from designing, developing, testing, content development to launching.

With the ever changing needs and entry of new technologies, web development companies are really pressed hard. For instance the mobile technology has brought about tremendous pressure on web design companies India to deliver websites that are optimized for both PCs and mobile digital devices. The customer has also become more knowledgeable and his needs have become more complicated with increased demand and pressure for excellent services and products from web development companies. Business operations and technological needs have also changed with more and more businesses going online and placing higher bets on online businesses which in turn have brought pressure for excellent delivery from web development companies.

Some of the most common challenges facing web development companies include:-


Have you ever heard of the expression “first image matter a lot” Well in web development the first impression of your work would determine if you get the client’s work or not. In most cases customers would have an ideal website that they would like you to develop and would share their opinions with you or even require you to match qualities and features of other websites that they may like. These sites may be part of web Design Company India’s portfolio or of other companies. Once you are set with your prototype then the client would be in a position to decide whether to work with you or not.

Prototypes are essential tools that enable web development companies showcase their abilities and expertise to clients. However, explaining and taking through a customer through these prototypes is very challenging as its hard to demonstrate and explain the working and interactions that would be expected from the websites and how customer’s needs would be achieved. The customer needs to feel and experience a real life situation as he would while using the website through your prototype and this is very difficult task to accomplish. This becomes even tough when the client has little information about technology.

Being more creative and using visual aids and animation to help the client understand and feel the experience can be one way of overcoming this challenge. Take criticism and inputs from clients and learn as well. Then leverage the customers feedback to develop and create a more immersive and creative approach.

Website optimization

With the increased use and access to smart phones and other mobile digital devices, the pressure on web design companies in India to develop sites that are optimized for both mobile devices and PCs is very high.
Whereas there is tremendous pressure to develop sites that are best placed for use in mobile due to their popularity, it’s also important to know that desktops still account for a big potion of online audience that cannot be ignored. So in order to maximize the effectiveness of a website, there is need to have websites that are optimized for and can deliver same quality of excellent experience disregard of the device used to access the site.

It’s paramount therefore for web development companies to understand their client’s audience through working and constant consultations with the clients, the nature of devices used by target audience, if the client is able to have two separate websites specifically for mobile devices and desktops etc.

Limited Accessibility

Web development companies are faced yet with another heavy burden of ensuring that their sites are accessed by all people despite their handicaps. How do you make your site more users friendly and easy to use by all people?
There are guidelines championed by Web AIM that are meant to make web accessible to everyone including people with disabilities. Such features as device-agnostic development, better navigation and use of sound and touch responsive buttons are, key in making website accessible to everyone.
Regardless of these guidelines being simple, most web development companies do not follow them due to various reasons including lack of clear guidelines, software, sufficient special web development skills, client’s support etc.
To tackle this challenge, all stakeholders must be involved and adequate campaigns and skills training carried out.

Website loading Speed

This is the most irritating thing that turns away audience even before they get a glimpse of the contents of a site. It’s also a priority for many web development companies but a difficult one to achieve as various factors can affect loading speed including slow network connection.
The chances that audiences would abandon a website if it takes long to load are very high since impatience builds from the fact that there are numerous other sites that may be faster.

So what do web design companies India do to ensure that loading speeds are attractive?

  • Use of images and videos is a very good strategy to attract audience but they must be optimized for easy and faster loading.
  • Content used also must be precise and optimized too to rid it of unnecessary wordings so that loading time is reduced.
  • Use of scrolling pages instead next page options. This enables site to keep loading as the reader reads part of the content.
  • Use of offline data to enable faster loading of images, content and videos.