IPA Technologies is guided by six core values. Whenever turn the company takes, these are the values that can never be left out or behind. Our employees and business partners must respect these values for a smooth working relationship. Our day to day activities as a company are guided by these core values. Understanding the real meaning of each of the core values and endeavoring to apply them in a practical sense is the company’s aim. And in order for the company to count itself as a success, these values must be upheld. These values are as follows:

  1. Honesty in our business : IPA Technologies understands that in order for it to win and maintain customers, the true ability of the company must be communicated without exaggeration whatsoever. In this manner, customers know what to expect. We do not promise what we can never deliver. Everything we say about ourselves is the true picture of the company. When IPA Technologies promises high quality services and products, we make sure we deliver as much. Honesty has served us well over the years, helping our customers build confidence in us while recommending us to other clients.  We as a company can confidently state that we have traveled this far because of embracing honesty as one of our core values.
  2. Crowning the Customer : Our customers are not just ordinary men and women walking on the streets, roads, and avenues of our cities but kings and queens with crowns on their beautiful heads. To IPA Technologies, customers reign supreme. We are duly aware of the fact that we as a company are in existence solely because of the customer. Therefore, we can only be happy when our customer is happy. We strongly believe that the customer is always right as far as the demand for excellent service is concerned. In order to make practical the royal nature of our clients, we make sure we deliver high quality products to our customers, respond to their queries with decorum and in a timely manner, and make sure that the customers who need continued support have it.
    We train our staff members to make sure that they treat our customers with the highest possible degree of respect with the understanding that it is the customers who play one of the critical roles in not just the continued existence of the company, but its growth and development too.
  3. Commitment to Quality :  In line with our honest dealings and respect to the customer, we uphold the values of superior service quality and above-the mark products that can never let the customer down. We are not in the Technology world to offer mediocre products. Instead, we are here to make sure that we avail high quality products to our customers. Whether it is web content or mobile applications, we strive to make sure that our customers access quality that they cannot access anywhere else in the world. It is because of our commitment to quality that a good number of businesses, both big and small, have decided to partner with us. The quality of our services and products is exhibited through unfailing applications, flawless web content, high quality websites that can support heavy traffic, and respectful customer service that leaves a smile on whoever deals with our customer service team.
  4. Service to the Society : Money is good but chasing money alone is never good enough. We understand that we live in a community where there are various needs that must be met, and as one American President once said, God’s work on earth must surely be our work. Therefore, we have made it our core value to reach out to the rest of the society to make whatever small difference we can as a company.
    At IPA Technologies, we do not view our giving as charity but a case of “scratch my back I scratch yours.” In other words, the society in which we live and operate has given us so much, and therefore all that we are doing is simply to pay our debt. We walk and drive on roads the society has paid for. We enjoy several other vital privileges courtesy of the community in which we live. This is why not giving back is a reason for concern, not just for IPA Technologies, but all men and women of goodwill out there. We give back in different ways such as: designing free websites for schools, colleges, and other institutions that help the society, generating free website content for such websites, offering free Technology consultancy services to institutions that help our society, and making monetary contributions to such institutions. We have also initiated several sponsorship projects that will see our company reach out to several bright but needy children in different parts of the world in terms of paying their school fees and mentoring them to enable them succeed in their goals. At IPA, we have decided to live the words of Mahatma Gandhi of “becoming the change that we would like to see in the world” instead of sitting back and blaming others for not doing something.The question that drives us in our day to day outreach activities is: What if everybody does something for somebody? When it is all said and done, what we do for others is more satisfying than what we do for others. Men and women of great skill and strength who have managed to accumulate fortunes over the years have always arrived at the conclusion that it should be given back. It is unfortunate that some of them arrive at this useful conclusion too late in life when they cannot oversee the utilization of this fortune in enriching the lives of others.
  5. Environmental Responsibility : IPA knows the significance of keeping our environment clean. The rising seas and oceans, the increasing frequency of tsunamis and tornadoes, and the droughts in several parts of the world that have caused intense human suffering have been very instructive in IPA’s decision to do its small bit in making sure that the environment is protected. To this end, IPA Technologies makes sure that waste from its offices is disposed off in a proper manner. We also make sure that we encourage any business partner to embrace policies that help preserve the sanctity of the environment. We have also made it our business to apply pressure however small to the government when it comes to ratification of treaties that are designed to enhance the mechanisms in place to stem the global warming menace. As we continue to grow, we will extend our activities that are meant to encourage us and others to protect our environment not just for the present generations, but for posterity.
  6. Continuous Innovation : The only thing that is constant in life is change. This is arguably one of the best known truths out there in the whole wide world. Armed with this great wisdom, we are aware that our products can easily become obsolete if we do not carry out thorough research to find out how we can make them even better. It is for this reason that a great portion of our resources is dedicated to innovation. This is how we keep on enhancing the performance of the applications we develop and advance the functionality of the websites we develop for our customers. Our innovation does not touch on our products alone. Equipped with consent from original manufacturers and developers, IPA Technologies is dedicated to the advancement of products originally designed by other developers with the aim of making sure that users have the best experience.
    It is through continuous innovation that we have managed to reduce the size of mobile applications while at the same time increasing the operational speeds. Innovation has also enabled us to increase the safety and security valves of our applications so that our users are well protected from fraudsters and identity thieves.
    In order to make sure that innovation is kept alive and strong in IPA, our company has set aside some resources that are used to motivate our most innovative employees. We recognize the power of both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation and try as much as possible to make sure that excellent innovators are motivated sufficiently.