Bridging the Digital Divide


Digital Marketing

IPA technologies employs a number of strategies in its digital marketing effort. As opposed to some digital marketers who are fixated on social media and search engine optimization, IPA technologies has researched on and included up to ten digital marketing strategies that are bound to give our clients the best in terms of market penetration.

E-mail direct marketing

IPA technologies has a large collection of emails that are active. In a world that has become increasingly busy with minimum time for engaging in some activities, people are saved a lot of time if they are sent links to their emails which they can click and read and learn about some products and services.

Search Engine Optimization

There is no one who wants to find his or her website missing from the top websites when key words are part of the search request. This is exactly where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. At IPA technologies, we have the best experts as far as generating high quality SEO articles in concerned.

Search Engine Marketing

IPA technologies has the wherewithal to make sure your company ranks in the top three when searched from any search engine. Whether is Yahoo search, Google search, or Bing, our digital advantage enables us to make sure your company is at the top. Ranking high in search results is the easiest way to get customers landing on your page and procuring your services or buying your goods.

Influencer Marketing

Unlike SEO and SEM, IPA uses influencer marketing as a way of reference. At IPA, we have a team of data crunchers who have up to date data on websites that are visited by large numbers of people. If a website is visited by millions of people per day, it means that such a website can serve as a useful tool for marketing another website. It simply means that such a website has gotten to a level where it can be declared an influencer, that is, it has the ability to influence the marketing dynamics.


While not so prevalent, e-books are a form of digital marketing. Usually, a client company asks IPA technologies to compile a simple e-book which is then sold online at extremely low prices or given out freely to prospective customers. The e-books come with adverts and other information about a particular good or service, which helps such customers make decisions about buying the products or paying for the service being advertised.

Social Media Optimization

IPA technologies draws a sharp distinction between social media marketing and social media optimization. Under social media optimization, the benefits of social media marketing are stretched to the extremes with the help of a number of highly effective strategies. First, instead of utilizing one social media networking site, IPA technologies makes sure that the client website is marketed on all social networking websites.

Video Marketing

IPA technologies has also invested heavily on video producing and processing software. We understand that there are some clients who prefer to reach out to their clients through videos messaging, and we have developed a fully equipped department to take care of this. We help our clients optimize videographic advertising which can be done on the clients’ websites, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

About IPA

The comfort of the customer is our main goal
As a company we do not believe in business and profits only.

IPA Technologies is a technology company that deals with a variety of issues in the digital space. The company offers a wide range of services and products. Services that IPA technologies offers to its clients include web administration and management, website design consultancy, and digital marketing advice. We also do social media marketing, search engine marketing, and digital business mentorship. IPA technologies also designs and develops mobile applications for banks, schools, security companies, fast food joints, and transport companies. The list of clients for our mobile applications is not exhaustive and we advise anyone in search of an application to contact us. Chances are that we can design a high quality mobile application for your industry even if it is not mentioned here. The company also designs blogs, high quality websites, and generates content. We have several partners in different industries not because we want to make huge profits but because we believe in lasting relationships.

  • Honesty in our business

    IPA technologies understands that in order for it to win and maintain customers, the true ability of the company must be communciated without exaggeration whatsoever.

  • Crowning the Customer

    Our customers are not just ordinary men and women walking on the streets, roads, and avenues of our cities but kings and queens with crowns on their beautiful heads. To IPA technologies, customers reign supreme.

  • Commitment to Quality

    In line with our honest dealings and respect to the customer, we uphold the values of superior service quality and above-the mark products that can never let the customer down.

  • Continuous Innovation

    We are aware that our products can easily become obsolete if we do not carry out thorough research to find out how we can make them even better. It is for this reason that a great portion of our resources is dedicated to innovation.


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